Murrina glasses with carafe

Murrina glasses with carafe


Set consisting of six glasses, very versatile, ideal for wine, cocktails, whiskey, water, beer etc.

The design is technically called "Baloton" with the addition of murrine which is an iconic Murano style.

Each glass has a different colored rim which makes the set very original and easy to match.

Impress your guests with a beautiful handmade set on the island of Murano.

Delivery: 15 days

Dimensions: 10 cm high, 8 cm in diameter

Quantity: 6 glasses and carafe.

Authenticity: Certificate of authenticity is provided

Shipping included for orders over 49€

Shipping times

  • 4 days for Italy

  • 8 days for Europe

  • 14 days for the rest of the world